Alone in a Dream
Artist: Robby McMurtry

Medium: pen & ink

Robby McMurtry is an artist of Comanche heritage from Loco, Oklahoma. He received his art degree from Oklahoma State University. However,his real education was from the Native American artists that were his friends and mentors. Robby was extremely close to deceased artists, Woody Crumbo, Doc Tate Nevaquaya and Leonard Riddles{BlackMoon). Each, of these artists realized that Robby was not just good, but was exceptionally talented.

Robby works in two distinctly different styles. He draws with pen & ink or pencil. Usually, his drawings are very detailed and depict more serious subject matter. His acrylic paintings are very bold and bright. Most of them have a bit of nostalgia, including walls with familiar advertising logos on them.

Mr. McMurtry has been an important artist in this gallery for over thirty years.

Image size: 14.25" x 18.5"

Frame size: 22.25" x 26.5"

Price on request

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